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Goodbye Sweet Prince....

Apr. 13th, 2009 | 05:00 pm
mood: sad sad
music: Mozart's Symphony #41 in C Major (Jupiter Symphony)

Wolfgang Shakespeare

July 7, 1990 – April 13, 2009

“O ye who open the way and lay open the paths to perfected souls in the Hall of Osiris, open ye the way and lay open the paths to the soul of Osiris, the beloved feline companion and regal spirit, Wolfgang, who is triumphant with you. May he enter in with a bold heart and may he come forth in peace from the house of Osiris. May he not be rejected, may he not be turned back, may he enter in as he pleaseth, may he come forth as he desireth, and may he be victorious. May his bidding be done in the house of Osiris; may he walk, and may he speak with you, and may he be a glorified soul along with you. He hath not been found wanting there, and the Balance is rid of his trial.”

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Am I Happy Today?

Nov. 5th, 2008 | 12:33 pm
location: ma desk
mood: content content
music: Hail To The Chief


The only thing that could make this day better is an announcement that the girls are getting a CAT instead!

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My Home Town,

Sep. 8th, 2008 | 04:00 pm

As spotted on the way to get coffee this morning, a trail of signs that looked like this:

Followed by this sign:

Really?  Really?  Do you know it was a "LIBERAL SCUM" or just a teen-ager who would not have just destroyed any sign on any lawn.

Calm down, people.

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Oddly... Empty

Jul. 27th, 2008 | 08:48 pm

Too tired to get very creative tonight, besides the fact that the last episode of FOYLE'S WAR airs tonight and that has me terribly sad.

Anyhow, we did it.  Pete and I closed on a house Friday.  Everyone asks if I am excited but honestly I spent all my emotion when the closing got delayed close to 5 hours.  I was more than a little embittered until about two thirds of the way through the signing.  Perhaps that is when my afternoon coffee kicked in.

Saturday, today, and tomorrow... painting and cleaning and getting overwhelmed.  Then it is back to work and nightly runs with boxes until the fun can start again on next Saturday.

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Jul. 7th, 2008 | 09:58 am
mood: grateful grateful


Barring any hard evidence to the contrary, Stacia and I once back-figured Wolfie's birthday to on or around July 7, 1990.  Yes, folks, that makes my boy 18 years old today.  I want to say that the past 18 years, as of September 7, 1990 (when Stacia and I adopted him form Angel Memorial Hospital) have been an awesome journey.  Wolfie has been my constant companion through thick and through thin.  He has lived in over 6 states, I lost count at over 18 different apartments, has flown cross-country in a plane twice, lived with other cats, dogs, rabbits, lizards, a turtle, assorted roommates, and finally a Daddy.  He sees me to bed every night, and wakes me up every morning.  I love Wolfie beyond all belief and it is an honor to be his adopted mom.  

Please take a moment today to think of Wolfie and wish him continued good health and a very happy birthday!

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Jan. 23rd, 2008 | 12:18 pm
mood: energetic energetic
music: Rubber Ducky

I have little, little shame today.  Why should I?  Maybe the improbable January rainbow I saw yesterday has emboldened me.
So, on a heavy note I have to say I hate seeing the party of my choice eat it's own.  ENOUGH ALREADY.  I am all for Dennis K., and I am sick to death of the media ignoring him.  I speak to my friends and my family when I say take a second, or FIRST, look at Dennis. 

On a light note: Are you sick of putting nasty chemicals on your skin?  Are you sick of supporting big, male-run, chemical stuffing,  multi-nationals?  My friend Kim, the Brick House, has the answer.  Check out her new company http://stellamariesoap.com.  Why is Kim a Brick House?  Well, of course, it is because she is MIGHTY , MIGHTYKim put in her 9-5+ hours, then goes home and all night long cranks out all natural, vegan friendly, super-scented soaps, bath bombs, and body scrubs.  She's a soap maniac, that's for sure.  And she's soapin' like she's never soaped before!

I use the soap.  Even Peter uses the soap.  We love it!  What's not to love about a woman-owned enterprise, especially one named for the entrepreneur's grandmas?  NOTHING, that's what.

And for the record, Kim didn't ask me to do this... I just love her product.  Just like I love Dennis K.

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It all comes back to bunny!

Jan. 14th, 2008 | 10:09 am

I haven't posted in far too long and this won't be a long post.  I'm on the mend, like Brunhilde, and back at work.

Very funny story- when I came too in recovery the nurse asked how I felt and I said "I FEEL SO BAD FOR MY BUNNY!"
The nurse was very kind and asked "You feel bad for your bunny?".
I nodded slowly and said "I gave her a hysterectomy and she was in so much pain! I feel so bad!"
No, it wasn't the drugs.  I really did feel so bad for her!

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On the Mend!

Nov. 14th, 2007 | 09:20 am
mood: happy happy
music: Let Yourself Go!

Hurrah!  Brunhilde is on the mend.  She was good over the weekend, then suspect, then good again.  The first good sign was when I was paying extra attention to Wolseley, picking hay off his head, and Brunhilde began throwing her toys about and poking her head out her door.  That is her traditional call for attention.
She stopped eating again on Sunday so we force fed her more Critical Care.  By Monday she was munching on kibble.  I've never been so happy to see a rabbit eat!  I did some spinning and sewing on Monday and found to my delight that the buns greatly enjoy the American Songbook.  Clearly, though, they like things arranged and sung by Tony Bennett better than by Fred Astaire.  Brunhilde liked Fred's takes on the ballads.  Perhaps the "tapping" you can hear on my Fred cds can be mistaken for "thumping" at the sign of trouble.  Well, wasn't Ginger Rogers a bundle of trouble?

Thanks all!

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Day 2.5

Nov. 9th, 2007 | 08:46 am
mood: groggy groggy

Thanks for all the good thoughts.  Brunhilde ate a few bits of carrot and the rest of the dandelion leaves between lunch and 4 yesterday.  I didn't take her to the vet as she really, really fought being handled and I didn't want to open her incision by making her fight me.  She was drinking more water, so I called the vet and went without Brunhilde so I could pick up more pain killer and the food supplement.  As of this morning she had eaten a few more carrot slices and broccoli stems.  She made some night dropping as well as a big, stinky stinky soft poo.  I gave her pain killers, antibiotics, and she clicked angrily at me and munched a piece of hay with venom so I decided to lay off the food supplement until later.  She is sitting up, and sort of hopping too.  She might be able to bite me soon, which is good for her and bad for me.

Let's all keep Peanut in our thoughts, she needs it!

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And More

Nov. 8th, 2007 | 01:21 pm

Keep it coming!

I just checked Brunhilde at lunch.  She is LOUDLY grinding her teeth, a sure sign of pain.  I got her to drink some water and eat a papaya tablet.  She also at one solitary dandelion leaf.  She was so annoyed with me trying to feed her that she walked to the opposite corner of the cage.  Walked like a pained old woman, not hopped.  I called the vet and they want me to bring her in so they can give her fluids.  They will also be giving me a fluid supplement to feed her with.

About Peanut... have you tried pumpkin?  Wolseley wasn't pooping or eating hay a while back.  Peter mashed up some banana and mixed it with canned (unsweetened) pumpkin.  The little guy loved it and was soon pooping like a king.

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Nov. 8th, 2007 | 09:05 am

Brunhilde could use some good vibrations sent her way.  She was spayed yesterday and now she is refusing to eat.  Refusing to eat is bad for a rabbit.  Peter did manage to get her to drink some water and I will be back at lunch to check on her.  At that point I am calling the vet and will probably run out there to pick up the nutritional supplement they had to feed her yesterday.  She is in enough pain that she didn't struggle much when I gave her the pain meds this morning.  She is grinding her teeth and keeps her eyes squeezed shut.  Think good thoughts for her!

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No Pictures!

Oct. 11th, 2007 | 09:35 am

What is a blog entry with no photos?
Ah, well.  It's boring.
Updates- all is well with Wolseley and Brunhilde.  We had some concern around the small size and infrequency of Wolseley's poops.  With much loving care and pumpkin/banana mush Peter has managed to coax some more good looking poop from our little friend.
Brunhilde is still the champion pooper- many, many poops and all of a healthy size.

I have been plucking Brunhilde and for a while she was OK with it, even yawning during the process.  Her back came off clean with a good inch long coat underneath.  What has me worried now is that her sides do not seem to want to come off as easily.  People have told me this is the case and that not all the fur ripens at once... Still, she is a diligent groomer and I don't want her ingesting hair for lack of harvesting skill on my part!
Also, her butt is very flaky which may be a sign of fur mites.  The mites are not so much a health risk as a coat ruiner.  That said, I still don't want her to have them.  She's my baby!  She was given a shot for them the day I adopted her so either what I am seeing is residual dandruff or she needs another shot.  It's off to the vet on Saturday for the two of us.  Three if Daddy comes.

I swear to god that as much as I love these bunnies I feel like they are furry little time bombs waiting for me to make a mistake in their care.

Other news- I just got a spinning wheel.  I need to wax and seal it first before I put it together.  Peter watched the video from the company who manufactured the wheel and I think he may actually give spinning a try.  Dang it all, I know he'll be better at it than me!  That's OK- maybe I'll focus on dying and fiber prep and he'll master the hard part!  We can have a little side-business.  Get your orders ready now!

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Sep. 5th, 2007 | 12:55 pm
location: schweighopperland
mood: cheerful cheerful
music: Wagner

I was feeling kinda lonely... just me and my poops.

But then something great happened, a new girl moved in next door!
She smelled great!

Oh, and what a looker!

She even likes to eat hay like me!

I'm very happy! No more lonely nights or afternoons.  We'll do almost everything together, except of course eating my delicious vegetables!

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Aug. 29th, 2007 | 08:02 am
mood: hopeful hopeful

another bunny...

Yep.  By Saturday Lord Wolseley will have a new sister or brother.  Most likely it will be a sister.  Peter with spent his Sunday building a new cage set-up.  He's also helped to begin to re-arrange my sewing space to accommodate said new arrival.  I want to name her BRUNHILDE, because she will be so wuvwy.  Other possibilities are Lady Emma, Cleo, Amelia, Daphne, Martha Jones.  Hopefully photos and a bio on Saturday or Sunday.

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Woo- hoo, Witchy Woman!

Jul. 25th, 2007 | 07:52 am
mood: artistic artistic

Oh Boy!  Does Molly rock, or what?

No spoilers yet, that's further down.  I'm in a bind.  I have been perusing personality tests and selectors.  You know how you get in those ruts some times?  So I took 9 tests and 3 placed me as a Gryph, 3 placed me in Ravenclaw, and 3 clearly marked me as a Hufflepuff.

Hmmmmm... Whiled I'd like to be one of the first two, I secretly think I'm a Hufflepuff.  You all know me well.  Do you think I'm right?

What gets interesting is I did a wand selector test- 3 times.  Each time the results were the same.  I was split between 3 wands.  All had the same core- Phoenix Feather.  It was the wood that I confounded- Hawthorn, Vine, and Birch were all called to me.  I find this amusing, given I had the 3 house split.  I think all this means that if i were a witch I'd be really, really unstable- but SPECTACULAR!

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Oh No!

Jun. 21st, 2007 | 02:22 pm

Mummy loves Bunny!

Bunny Loves Mummy!

Bunny not so happy with half a haircut!

Run Franken-Bunny, run!

And no, I am not drunk!

FInally a Rose by any other name....
... would be called "Liz".  This is Liz, my Norwich Castle rose in the living room flower bed.  Isn't she pretty?  Wolseley helped feed her with nutritious bunny poops!

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Don't be a Hater!

Jun. 19th, 2007 | 09:36 am

I can't wait to post photos of Franken-bunny.  Coat half on/half removed is very funny.

But, in the mean time, a message to all garden center employees:

If I come to your establishment and ask about a certain plant or species, don't tell me how much you hate that species before you tell me if you sell it or not.  Obviously, if I am looking to buy a miniature rose, and English rose, or yarrow it is because I like and want said plant type.  I could care less if the sales person hates that plant.  If you want to give me advice about how to care for it, I'm all ears.  If you have trouble with said plant, but variety X you have found to be easier, tell me!  Don't tell me you can't stand the plant.  It doesn't make me want to patronize you establishment.

For once in my life I can compliment Wal-mart... when I purchased five mini-roses the garden center employed gushed about the plant and how much she enjoyed them.  She even helped me find the last of the yellow mini's with a pink tint.  Some other local garden centers could take a lesson...

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50 Ways to Make a Rabbit Angry

Apr. 23rd, 2007 | 09:22 am
mood: amused amused
music: Doctor Who Theme

Mind you, none of this was on purpose... Well, maybe #2 and #6.

1) Buy a toy with a bell attached and hang it in the cage.

2) Whistle, hum, or make up words to the Doctor Who theme and perform in close proximity to the rabbit.

3) Bore rabbit with Timothy Hay.

4) Switch to Brome Grass.

5) Try to confuse rabbit by combining Brome Grass and Timothy Hay.

6) Attempt to comb foot fur while rabbit is relaxing.

7) Leave before the desired amount of petting is complete.

The list goes on.  He really hates being called Doctor Wolesley, especially when sung to.  Other singing is OK and possibly desired.  I shouldn't worry.  He still runs to greet us and flops in contentment quite a bit.

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Mar. 13th, 2007 | 07:41 am
mood: amused amused

Look!  It's Lord Wolsely!

He is a very cute little boy, very active.  He doesn't like grooming, but we are working on him!

He loves his daddy!

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Mar. 4th, 2007 | 08:59 am
location: the Lair
mood: giddy giddy


Verdant Rabbitry's Yeti is here, or as we have dubbed him "Lord Garnet Wolseley."

He is a lilact pearl buck with lovely blue eyes.

Photos and info soon!

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